Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment For Healthy Hair

If you’re suffering from oil or acne, your scalp treatment will include extra cleansing products.

If you are looking for professional help, book an appointment with Kleoniki Hair. We have professionals who can help you with your scalp health.

In this article, we discuss different symptoms of dandruff and 6 effective ways to maintain your healthy scalp.

Dandruff symptoms

Dry scalp and dandruff commonly come together, but the flakes that come with dandruff are typically stickier than dry scalp flakes.

Unlike small dry scalp flakes, dandruff can often appear oily, and it sheds as larger flakes that are usually clumped together.

Because your scalp’s yeast production causes dandruff, the fastest treatment would be scalp treatment with regular shampoo.

How To Get A Healthy Scalp

The best method to keep your scalp healthy and happy is to follow the guidelines below. Determine the best shampooing for your scalp’s needs, keeping product buildup and irritation in mind.

The same basic skin care concepts apply to scalp and skin care. It is critical to regularly remove debris, grime, and oil from your scalp and hydrate it.

1. Use Gentle Hair Care Products

Avoiding products containing sulphates, alcohols, or scents may assist enhance your scalp’s general health.

They tend to remove natural oils from your hair and dead skin cells, leaving your scalp dry and prone to irritation.

Hair care products containing harsh chemicals, as well as hair treatments such as colour and bleach, should be avoided. These can harm the hair shaft and scalp skin.

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2. Massage your scalp

Massage your scalp not only relaxes you but also improves circulation to the hair follicles by boosting the transfer of oxygen and important nutrients to the hair’s roots.

This can result in thicker, healthier hair growth. When shampooing with our Repair shampoo, give your scalp an excellent hairdresser-like scrub.

3. Wash Less Often

It’s normal to believe that you should wash your hair more frequently to avoid greasy hair. This, however, might backfire. Shampooing your hair too frequently removes the natural oils.

As a result, to keep itself moisturised, your scalp may create extra oils, resulting in oily-looking hair.

Anyone with a dry or itchy scalp should increase the duration between washes to balance out the oil production.

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4. Balance pH scalp

The scalp pH of your hair is critical for moisture retention. Acid flattens the hair cuticle, helping it to retain moisture.

A healthy scalp pH fluctuates between 4 and 5. The cuticle opens when the scalp is too basic, and the hair dries out faster.

Many products have excessively high pH levels, which affect the scalp’s balance. However, products with extremely low pH levels might harm your hair and skin.

5. Eat a healthy-hair diet.

A nutritious diet may do wonders for your scalp’s health, giving it the nutrients it requires to grow new and healthy cells.

A diet with fruits and vegetables is recommended for optimal scalp health. Good quality meats, eggs, and nuts are excellent protein sources for your skin and hair, essential for a healthy scalp and hair.

6. Use a Scalp Scrub

Scrubs contain physical or chemical exfoliants that help remove extra skin cells, oil, and dandruff. They may also increase the blood vessels beneath your skin, thus increasing hair growth.

A healthy scalp leads to good hair; therefore taking care of yours is essential. Consult a dermatologist if you experience itching, redness, irritation, discomfort, or severe hair loss.

If you have a scalp problem, use all the options discussed above. Contact Kleoniki Hair for scalp treatment; we have professionals to help you with your scalp problem.

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