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How To Smooth Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can really trouble at times when all you really want to have bouncy and shiny hair. So now how to smooth frizzy hair? Sleek and healthy hair complete and enhances your look, No matter your hair length, colour, or style all types of hair looks fabulous when they are frizz-free. Trying out various commercial products can cause more damage and turns frizz into glossy locks. Therefore, avoid using harmful chemical products on your hair. Follow us to know how to smooth frizzy hair and other hair related problems.


few tricks and techniques on how to smooth frizzy hair?

1. Washing and Conditioning Frizz Hair

•​ Use moisturizing shampoo. Dryness is one of the main reason to cause frizz, therefore it is important to maintain moisture in your hair. Always try using sulphate-free shampoo. Avoid washing your hair every day.
• Condition regularly. Conditioning is moisturizing and will help you tame your locks. Choose conditioner according to your hair type, one which is marked for moisturizing especially that contains glycerine.
• Try a mask or overnight conditioning. This is suitable if you have a very dry hair. If you need extra moisture, soak your hair in a deep conditioner or oil overnight. This will give your hair extra time to take in all the moisture.
• Give your hair extra TLC. Weekly hair mask would give your hair a boost of moisture. Moisturizing masks, a product from a salon or home-made masks will help you to provide extra nourishments to your hair.

2. Drying Frizzy Hair

•​ Dry your hair after showering. Blow dryers just cause more frizz as they can be extremely drying. Gently press your hair with soft, microfiber towel to soak up excess water. Avoid to twist your hair up with a coarse bath towel.
• Apply heat protectant or serum. Heats protectant minimizes the damage that the hot tools can do to your hair. Serums are also helpful and protect your hair from heat, humidity and other environmental factors. Consult a professional to choose the serum or oil for your hair type.
• Use low heat setting in blow dryer. Do not use blow dryer on a wet hair. Low heat settings are gentle for all hair type. Avoid using metal brushes when you are blow drying. It will make your hair even hotter in the process.
• Blow dry curly hair with a diffuser. In order to prevent frizz, it is crucial to use diffuser because it dries it without disturbing the natural curly wave pattern. Avoid drying your hair ends. Also, look for a diffuser that is concave in the middle.

3. Styling Frizzy Hair

•​ Use curling iron or flat irons. Heat from these hot tools help you to create frizz-free hair style. These tools seal the cuticle shut, helping to make it impenetrable to outside factors that can cause your hair to swell and frizz.
• Use hair spray to control flyaways. Finishing spray help you to hide any dry or damaged areas. Brushing your hair will also help to distribute natural oils thoroughly and evenly, preventing flyaways and frizz.
• Experiment with different hairstyles. Longer hair can be pulled away from the face in braids, top knots or high ponytails. For shorter hair, try headbands or bobby pins to contain the frizz.
• For extra short hair use serums, gels or pomades. Men’s, try this out! If you are struggling with frizzy hair, apply the specific product and then comb your hair into the desired style.

These are some of the proven ways to smooth frizzy hair. Consult with the styling professionals learn about various smoothen range of products that will help you frizzy hair.

Take care of your hair with all the love and keep enjoying the sun while flaunting your smooth, shiny, and healthy hair. Here are 3 easy steps for blow drying the hairs.

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