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5 Factor Affecting Hair Volume

Hair volume is one characteristic that appears on good hair days, and everyone desires it.

Not everyone is born with rich, perfect hair volume. For some of us, our hair may start thick in our early years and then thin out as we go into our 20s and 30s.

Thin flat hair can cause by various factors. This article discusses various factors affecting hair volume and the hairstyles you can try with volume hair.

Factor affecting hair volume

1. Stress

our hair. Some people may pull their hair out due to stress, causing thinning.

The good news is that this is generally just temporary, and your hair will heal if you address your stress and avoid pulling your hair out.

2. Genes

One’s genetic composition primarily determines hair quality. Hair loss conditions such as male-pattern or female-pattern baldness are usually caused by genetic predisposition.

3. Nutrition

Both female and male hormones influence hair health and development.

In men, and to a lesser extent in women, the hormone androgen is responsible for hair growth.

As we become older, our androgen levels drop, resulting in slower hair growth, thinning, and a lack of shine.

4. Diet

Keratin is a natural protein seen in hair. Hair health is aided by a well-balanced diet rich in essential nutrients.

Hair is made up of proteins, which are the building components of hair. Protein-rich foods can thus aid in the maintenance of healthy and robust hair.

Hair growth will be slowed in people who do not consume enough protein.

5. Harmful hair products

Harsh chemicals in some hair products weaken and damage hair, resulting in temporary hair loss. Shampoos with polyethene glycol and alcohol should be avoided because they cause hair to become brittle.

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Hair volume hairstyles

1. Choppy layers

The beauty of this style is that anyone with any facial shape can wear it. Layering provides a significant boost to fine hair.

Layering should begin around shoulder length for the best results—the layers cut from top to bottom give the hair body.

2. Curved Bob

Even on straight hair, a curved bob gives the idea of fullness and body.

To get even more volume, raise the roots near the hairline. Apply a Wella EIMI Perfect Setting product to complete the appearance.

3. Wavy Mid-Length

Wavy layers give a lot of hair volume and provide simple styling that looks professional.

Even if your hair is straight, you may get a similar effect. Simply use a gadget like GHD Hot Curlers.

4. Side fringes and long tresses

The cutting detail gives the hair mobility. Fringes add volume to fine hair around the crown area. Hair can only be made to look full of volume with trims.

This haircut will give you an instant lift, allowing you to flaunt your long locks with confidence. Keep it a little sloppy for a lovely effect. Pay attention to the roots if you choose to colour.

5. Wavy Shoulder-Length

If you’re unsure about how short hair will appear on you, a shoulder-length cut will allow you to preserve some length.

It’s also highly versatile and can be styled in various ways, so it’ll never be boring.

If you’re a pro with a curling iron, try adding a wave in the middle of your hair shaft and leaving the ends straight. Try adding a wave in the middle of your hair shaft and leaving the ends straight.

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