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Best Hair Shine Products

Hair isn’t just affected by the products or treatments we apply. It’s also affected by what’s going on inside our bodies. We can do many things to upgrade our hair’s appearance and condition.

Hair texture and shine relate to hair surface properties. Shiny hair with a smooth consistency is a sign of healthy hair.

Make sure you go to a high-quality hair salon like kleoniki hair to get a haircut or any hair treatment; We have professional hair stylists who can assist you get healthy and shiny hair. Also, we recommend using Kevin Murphy shimmer shine that helps you to get shiny hair.

How To Get Shiny Hair

Having gorgeous silky, smooth, hydrated, and healthy hair is a dream for every woman. Most hair feels silky smooth only right after a salon treatment. To maintain soft, shiny, strong, and healthy hair, incorporate these essential tips into your daily hair care routine.

Get Into The Right Lather

Choose a shampoo that fits your hair type. It is a challenging process to find the right product cause there are so many shampoos available in the market. It’s essential to add the right amount of moisture to the hair.

Don't get into Hot Water

When washing your hair, make sure the water temperature is in a warm setting, not hot. Remember, excessive heat can result in dry hair, so avoid hot water washing.

Washing hair with hot water can be destructive for the hair – while washing hair in warm water can help preserve the shine and strength of hair. Any heat, including hot water, can leave hair feeling dry.

  • Wash your hair properly.
  • Care for your scalp by cleaning your hair only a few times a week instead of every day.
  • Use a conditioner to moisturise the hair.

3 best hair shine products you must try

Every girl dreams of shiny looks, doesn’t she? To help make hair shiny, you need to invest in the best hair shine products for your hair type. If you have damaged hair, you know it can be a pain to keep it neat and tidy. Luckily, we have some products that can help. If you’re regularly bleaching, hair will lose its shine fast. By incorporating a few shine-enhancing products, such as Kevin Murphy – Smooth again, your looks will soon be shining once the light catches them. Here are the best three hair-shining products available at kleoniki.

1. Kevin Murphy - Smooth Again

A leave-in smoothing treatment to remove frizz for silky, more touchable hair. For thick and frizzy hair. The hair is smoothed and can be styled better.

Smooth again has a double purpose whereby it contains styling properties that will smooth out hair and treatment ingredients that will eliminate frizz for smoother, silkier, more touchable hair with added heat protection.

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again
Kevin Murphy - Smooth Again

2. Kevin Murphy - Shimmer Shine

Kevin Murphy: Shimmer shine is a lightweight finishing mist with light reflective technology to get a brilliant shine to the hair. It has a specially selected blend of ingredients from Australian fruit extracts.

It adds instant, radiant shine and a sublime scent to the hair and also helps to nourish and moisturise hair. It is sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free and suitable for all hair types.

Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine
Kevin Murphy - Shimmer Shine

3. Kevin Murphy - Super Goo

The super goo is a firming moulding gel that is completely soluble in water. It contains green tea extract, a strengthening antioxidant to prevent breakage. Also loaded with bamboo extract for antioxidant & anti-irritant properties.

A Paraben-free gel that Gives a firm hold & natural finish to the hair and creates slick & separated looks.

Kevin Murphy Super Goo
Kevin Murphy - Super Goo

If you are looking for professional hair care, then we are here to help you with your damaged hair. Our hairstylist suggests a perfect hair product suitable for every hair type.

All hair-shining products are exclusively available at kleoniki hair salon. To buy products, kindly visit our salon or contact us now.

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