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4 Hair Growth Tips You Should Know About

Hair is connected with beauty, grace and attractiveness, so most women and men are so concerned and want something extra for their hair. From our childhood only we have grown up watching Rapunzel or Cinderella. They used to look beautiful with their thick, shiny, and bouncy hair.

We couldn’t take our eyes off them. For some fortunate people, long hair happens, and for the rest of the people, it requires patience, little effort and slight changes in hair care routine using long hair growth tips for women.

Healthy hair is often considered something you either have or don’t. Loss of hair can be difficult for many people; thus, hair loss and balding may have emotional, mental, and psychological repercussions such as insecurity, humiliation or embarrassment.

Hair loss was not this common earlier, and nowadays, people in their 20s are also struggling with this problem. Several people experience hair loss; thus, it has become a common problem.

There are several reasons for hair loss: pollution, lifestyle, choices, or shampoos; the truth is that hair loss is real. It’s better to control it before it gets to a stage of baldness.

Most hair grows by only an inch each month, but that doesn’t mean you cannot speed up the process. By following hair growth tips, you can speed up the growth of hair.

Here Are Some Simple Hair Growth Tips Everyone Should Know About.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp every day can do wonders for your hair? It’s a simple exercise to practice every night before going to sleep. And you’ll be glad to know that this small trick is one of the best hair growth tips that doesn’t need you to spend money.

There are many techniques to massage your scalp. While you can give a dry scalp massage or before a hair-wash using just your fingertips, you can also apply lukewarm coconut oil and rub it into your scalp in short, circular motions.

A regular scalp massage will increase blood circulation and stimulate the follicles and improve hair growth.

Do Not Over-wash Your Hair.

This is something most of us do. Washing hair every day can be bad for the health of your hair. Hence, one hair growth tip to follow religiously is to wash your hair not more than thrice a week. Have a gap of at least two days within washes.

By washing your hair every day, you’re removing its natural oils. These oils shift from your scalp to the lengths of your strands, maintaining your hair naturally oil, which is essential for the growth of your hairs. We recommend you use a mild shampoo and follow it up with a gentle conditioner.

Limit the Usage of Heat-styling Tools

While hair tools such as straighteners, blow dryers, and tongs are a big saviour for every girl, they are not the best for your hair’s. Exposing your hair to heat every day can bring your hair down. It can remove your hair from moisture and make it dry and lacklustre.

Also, make sure you never use heat-styling tools on wet hair. Let your hair dry first, and then use heat-styling tools. However, ensure you use a heat-protectant spray or cream before going in with heat styling tools. Whenever you use a blow dryer, set your tools to low heat so that you’re not hurting your hair further. Restricting the use of heat-styling tools can improve hair growth.

Correct Your Hair Brushing Habits

There are two types of people for cleaning hair: ones who don’t touch a hairbrush at all and those who are moving a brush into their hair almost every hour. Let us inform you that both extremes won’t work for the health of your hair. One essential hair growth tip you should know is to brush your hair moderately.

Brushing not only stimulates the scalp but also divides the oils from your scalp to the lengths of your hair. But, do not over brush your hair. Once in the mornings while styling and once before going to bed should be sufficient; make sure that you brush smoothly to avoid any damage or hair loss.

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