Hair Colour For Skin Tone

Hair Colour For Skin Tone

Have you ever tried a hair colour that didn’t work out after the hairdresser finished it?

Then the question is how to get the best hair colour for skin tone because it’s not as simple as choosing a colour that you think suits your persona or mood.

Many factors influence hair colour, and skin tone is one of the most important.

Skin tone can be warm, cool, or neutral. The most common misconception about tone is that you must keep to a particular hair colour family, which is not true.

Continue reading to find out how to assess your skin tone and select which hair colour is ideal for you.

Know your skin tone

Check your wrist in normal sunlight to see if your skin tone is warm or cold. If the veins in your wrists seem green, you have warm skin. You are cool-toned if they appear blue.

  • If you can not determine blue or green then you have neutral skin tone.
  • If you have yellowish undertones on your skin, warm overtones hair will appear excellent on you.

Best warm tone hair colours

Honey Brown

Honey brown hair has a warm brown base with varying shades. Several shades of honey brown hair are available, but the base is either laced with varied tones of honey highlights or has a golden undertone to give it that sweet-as-honey touch.

Because honey brown hair has a warm tone, it looks best on those with warm complexion tones.

Finding the appropriate brown hair colour for your skin tone is the key to making this hair colour trend work for you.

Honey Brown


This golden hue is a creamy combination of light brown and blonde. Its multidimensional tones make your skin glow and your eyes stand out.

Because of its golden undertones, it is a warm colour that will suit those with warm undertones. Many shades also perform fantastically as a foundation for other on-trend looks.

Dark Blonde

Highlights and lowlights are frequently used in dark blonde hair colours to provide depth and shimmer.

Try the colour save shampoo every time you wash, explicitly created to maintain your blonde colour.

Red Velvet

Red velvet hair colour is a rich, cool, deep red that resembles the rich colour of red velvet cupcakes! Choose this colour if you have a cool or olive complexion.


When it comes to hair colouring, espresso hair colour is on the lower end of the maintenance range.

Whatever shade of brown you are, this creamy colour won’t be too far off and will grow flawlessly.

espresso hair colour

Strawberry Blonde

This is one of the most popular hair colours on Instagram, but it might be tough to get it done as looks as fantastic in real life as it does online.

Before using this colour, make sure that this soft red is the correct colour for you and your lifestyle.

If you are thinking about changing your hair colour and confuse about which hair colour best suits your skin tone. Just visit Kleoniki Hair we have a professional stylist who can help you find the best colour.

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