hair care routine

Hair Care Routine

Keeping a good hair care routine is as essential as following a good skin care regimen – it maintains your hair soft, healthy, free of germs, greasiness and other conditions. How frequently you wash your hair depends on your scalp type and hair texture.

Recommended Hair Care Routine For Your Hair Type

1) Straight Hair

We believe that straight hair is simple to maintain and does not need much of a regimen. However, straight hair is something that becomes greasy quickly and requires to be taken care of as much as the other hair types.

How To Wash:

  • Apply a sulphate-free shampoo that aids you to get rid of excess oil and dirt. There are some products that are specially tailored to help prevent oil and grease on your scalp.
  • Cleaning your hair once in 2-3 days is suggested unless your scalp is more greasy due to other causes.

How To Care:

  • Apply a light conditioner and stop applying leave-in conditioners. They can pull your hair down and make it to feel too heavy.
  • You could also choose a conditioner that includes oils like coconut or jojoba oil. This will provide your hair nourished and soft, without pulling it down.
  • Use conditioner only on your shaft and skip the roots. This will limit it from falling flat and feeling extremely greasy as well.
  • Utilizing a volumizing mousse will stop your hair from falling flat at the roots.

2) Wavy Hair

Wavy hair can be experimented with to a great extent if taken care properly. This hair type stands around straight and curly hair, making it effortless to style.

How To Wash:

  • Wavy hair doesn’t require to be cleaned as frequently as straight hair, as it tends to be drier. Wavy hair should be cleaned once every 3-4 days.
  • Utilizing a sulphate-free shampoo specially created for wavy hair-types should work perfectly for you.

How To Care:

  • Feeding your hair with an oil massage before your shower will maintain it fresh and hydrated. You can do this one hour before cleaning your hair.
  • Condition your hair each time you clean it.
  • Wavy hair tends to be drier than straight hair at the edges. You can apply an oil to stop this and keep your hair shaft and ends nourished and hydrated.
  • You can even apply a leave-in conditioner to scrunch your hair and make those waves prominent. Use it to your damp hair after the shower and turn your hair forward. Scrunch your hair utilising your hands to give it that bounce and leave it to dry.

3) Curly Hair

Curly hair gives your hair growth and adds a touch of fun to your character. But, it is hard to manage and tends to get dry very quickly.

How To Wash:

  • Wash your hair utilising a sulphate-free shampoo. Limit using your shampoo to your scalp as that is what requires cleansing. Shampoos tend to extract necessary oils and moisture as well, which can make your hair very dry and frizzy if applied to the shaft.
  • Clean your hair just once a week to stop it from becoming too dry.
    • Applying conditioner on your hair every 3-4 days can aid keep it smooth and nourished.

How To Care:

  • Conditioning your hair is more critical than shampooing it. This retains it nourished and frizz-free. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to your conditioner to maintain your scalp and hair free of dryness.
  • Deep-conditioning your hair can be an essential part of your regimen.
  • Detangle your hair in the shower when you have used a conditioner. This is the most reliable way to restrict it from breaking.
  • You can apply a curl-defining cream to make those circles stand-out!
  • Invest in a diffuser-attachment to counter frizzy hair. These are devices that help your hair dry in a defined pattern to stop it from getting frizzy.  This is is best way for hair care routine.

4) Coily Hair

This hair type is defined by very tight curls. It also tends to be extremely dry.

How To Wash:

  • Use a gentle sulphate-free shampoo to limit your hair from becoming excessively dry.
  • Concentrate on the roots and avoid the shafts. Shampoos tend to extract natural oils from your hair.
  • You can wash with a conditioner every 2-3 days a week.

How To Care:

  • Deep-condition your hair once a week to give it nutrients and hydration. This will aid prevent it from becoming frizzy and dry.
  • You can apply a moisturizing spray on your locks every day to maintain it soft and hydrated.
  • Detangle your hair when you are in the shower, once you condition it. This will limit breakage.

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