Ghd Cordless Hair Straightener

Ghd Cordless Hair Straightener

GHD cordless hair straightener comes in 2 different colours matte black and matte white. This portable styler can achieve a full-size GHD hair straightener performance.

Currently, hair straighteners are in the development stage, and they have advanced significantly from the bulky irons that would fry your hair into a flat position.

Hair straighteners guarantee less hair damage, but technology has advanced so far that cord-free straighteners are now available.

If you are looking for a hair straightener, you will get the different GHD products. If you want a product that is future-proof and easy to use anywhere, GHD cordless hair straightener is your choice.

This product will give you the same result as a regular hair straightener. This article discusses the advantages, features, and proper ways to use GHD cordless hair straighter.

Advantages of Ghd cordless hair straightener


The design is modest and compact, making it easy to use.

We can select a temperature, and the styler also has a smart battery level indicator so that you can keep track of the charge.

The GHD Unplugged is the lightest cordless straightener on the market, measuring 219mm long, 41.5mm in height, and weighing only 300g.

GHD Unplugged cordless black


Same performance as a regular hair straightener.

The cordless design simplifies complex styles.

Battery life

The battery has a 20-minute run time and can be fully charged in 2 hours.

The battery may be fully charged using the USB-C connector, which can be conveniently charged in the car or connected to a laptop.

Compact design comes with styles bag to carry easily.

The GHD cordless hair straightener has innovative safety features, such as a sliding switch instead of a button to turn it on, which prevents it from being accidentally turned on while in your bag.

If you leave your straightener on for 3 minutes and do not use it, it will switch off automatically.

GHD cordless hair straighteners are travel-friendly, which means they are safe for airport security. It is safe to carry in your hand luggage.

GHD adds dual-zone technology to the straightener for superior performance, with two next-generation heat sensors on each styling plate.

GHD Unplugged black

How to use GHD cordless hair straighteners

  1. Spray the hair with the GHD bodyguard heat protect spray.
  2. Make a ponytail with your hair and take out shorter layers around your face.
  3. Pull the hair gently at the base of the ponytail to add volume and texture.
  4. Insert the styler diagonally into the roots, pointing the nose downwards.
  5. The styler has fully turned away from the face. Glide the styler through the hair until you reach the ends.
  6. Apply the same method to the opposite side of the head. Apply this to the ponytail and top-up curls.
GHD Unplugged white

Even we have been using a corded hair straightener for a long time, and there is no denying that they work as per our exception.

Nowadays, the requirement has changed, and people are looking for a cordless hair straightener, and there is no doubt they make our styling requirements easier and more convenient.

GHD cordless hair straightener will not only provide you with freedom of movement and portability, but it will also provide you with some additional unique characteristics to properly straighten your tresses without causing any damage or hair falls. Get our location by clicking here.

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