Curly Hair Without Heat

Curly Hair Without Heat

Women have been curling their hair without using heat for centuries. Most of the methods include going to bed with a bit moist and waking up with superbly curled hair. As we know heat damages hair so using curling iron may sometimes be an absolute pan. Here are some easy ways how you can do curly hair without heat. Did you know that you don’t need any heat styling tool to curl your hair? You will be happy to know that there are other ways to add curls to your hair. Most of these will give you the results that look more natural. Check these several ways to curl your hair tightness and volume.

Ways how to do curly hair without heat?

1) Braiding

If you are looking for perfect beach waves, braiding is the way to go. This is one of the easiest way to do curly hair without heat.

You will need for braiding-

1) 2 Hair ties

2) Hairspray or you may use other product for holding

curly hair without heat with Braiding


1) Comb your hair and remove all the tangles.

2) Slightly damp your hair or you can even use non sticky hair oil.

3) If you want waves towards the ends of your hai, make two regular braids on either side of your head.

4) If you want more curls then ma ke more partitions and tie braid according to that.

5) Just make sure braids are tight so that your hair doesn’t frizz when you open it, you can set with hairspray.

6) Once your hair dries up, loose the braids and free the curls.

2) Pin Curls

This style will never go out of fashion. It is super easy way to curl your without heat. You have to do is pin your hair before bed to wake up with flawless curls.

You will need for this method-

1) Wide tooth comb

2) Hair pins

3) Hairspray

4) Hairgel

5) Silk Scarf

curly hair without heat with Pin Curls


1) Wash your hair with good shampoo and condition it. Detangle your hair with wide tooth comb. Dry your hair and apply some hairgel.

2) Section out the crown of your hair and Secure with bun. To create loop take other section of your hair from side wrap to end around your index finger.

3) Start rolling other section upwards until it is comfortable against roots. Just make sure rolling the hair up, away from your face.

4) Hold the rolled up section flat against your scalp and secure with pin.

5) Repeat this process. After that work on crown set up with pins. Wrap your hair with silk scarf to keep the pins in their place and go to sleep.

6) Wake up in the morning remove pins. Gently finger comb to remove frizziness.

3) Rollers

Rollers are geat alternative to curl your hair. They totally save your hair from damage. If you want tight curls pick smaller sizes, and for voluminous hair go with large size roller. It is one of the best way for curly hair without heat.

You will need-

1) Rollers

2) Comb

3) Hairspray

curly hair without heat with Rollers


1) Slightly damp your hair with spray bottle.

2) If you have thick hair, firstly section it and roll your hair upwards. If your hair fine then you may skip sectioning.

3) Just make sure that you are rolling upwards until rollers fit comfortably against your scalp.

4) Wait for couple of hours with the rollers until it is completely dry.

5) Remove rollers and comb your hair slightly. Finish with the hairspray.

4) Paper Towel

Using paper towel to curl your hair is also easy way to make it wavy and curly. This method gives you tight curls that look natural.

You will need-

1) Paper towel

2) Hairspray

curly hair without heat with Paper Towel


1)Wash your hair and squeeze out excess water or you can a bit dampen your hair with spray bottle.

2)Take a paper towel and fold it until it is about some inches wide and some inch long.

3)Take the other section of your hair and wrap the ends of your hair around middle of paper towel.

4)Start rolling to the upwards until you reach to your scalp. Secure the paper towel tie up it around rolled hair.

5)Repeat this process with remaining section. You can go to bed with paper towel.

6)Remove paper towel and gently finger comb your hair. Finish with hairspray

5) Headband

If you want large voluminous curls this is the perfect method for you. It is an easiest method to make curly hair without heat.

You will need-

1) Headband

2) Sea salt spray

curly hair without heat with Headbands


1) Gently damp your hair with spray bottle and wrap headband around your head.

2) Section your hair into two partitions and start wrapping it around the headband.

3) Once you get to end of your hair secure with pin.

4) You can go to bed with wrapping headband.

5) When your hair is completely dry, remove pin.

6) Comb your hair with fingers and to hold the volume scrunch your hair with sea salt spray.

6) Bantu Knots

This is the most favourite method because it gives you tight and stretchy curls. This  method works well for all hair types.

You will need-

1) Bobby pins

2)     Shower caps

curly hair without heat with Bantu Knots


1) Wash your hair with good shampoo and condition it. Dry your hair upto 70-80%.

2) Gather small section of your hair and starts twisting until it resemble a line.

3) Twist this section tightly around itself to make a bun and secure with bobby pin.

4) Repeat this process until all of your hair in knots.

5) Wear shower cap and leave it through overnight.

6) In morning remove each coil one-by-one and finger comb your hair.

7) Using Pencil/Pen

Easient way to curl your hair with pencil or pen.

You will need-

1) Pencil or pen

2) Wide tooth comb

curly hair without heat Using Pencil or Pen


1) Slightly damp your hair with spray bottle. Remove all the tangles.

2) Make partitions depending upon which type of curls you want.

3) Make 5-6 partitions for normal wavy hair.

4) Take pencil or pen and start rolling it with one partition of your hair. The hair should cover whole section of pencil or pen.

5) Repeat the same process for remaining hair. Once your hair dry remove pencil, pen and free your curls.

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