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Curly Hair Tips and Tricks for Perfect Curls

Curly hair is distinct from other hair textures. It needs less washing, more hydration, and if we’re genuine, more tolerance than straighter hair types. But curly hair doesn’t have to touch like a curse! These Curly Hair tips and tricks will help you discover the best curls of your life with little effort.

Following are some curly hair tips and Tricks

1) Comb your hair from the bottom up

Detangling hair from the bottom-up lets you gently detangle each tangle, rather than compounding knots toward the bottom and pulling your way through. To save hair from harm and to detangle efficiently, our professionals strongly recommend that you always depend on a wide-tooth comb, never a brush, to rake via curly hair.

Curly hair is the most delicate type on the block, and each curl is a possible breaking point. Using a wide-tooth comb is the gentlest method to detangle curls, and it doesn’t hurt the natural curl pattern. It is very essential curly hair tips. Read our blog hair care routine for a completely expert advices for your hair care.

curly hair tips | Comb your hair

2) Get regular trims to avoid split ends

Damaged hair is never a look good if you want nourishing curls that look vibrant and fresh, go to the hairdresser every six to eight weeks for a trim.

3) Use product "cocktailing" to define and hydrate curls

“Product cocktailing is just mixing two or more products to satisfy your exact styling requirements. Her two famous cocktails: smoothing serum, coconut oil and styling gel. Together, these products allow for maximum hold without making your hair dry or crunchy.

If you don’t have the tolerance for cocktailing, your best way for one solution is a serum, which allows to not only smooth your curls but gives them definition and split. Use two to three pumps at a time. Take the product and apply on your curls, to hydrate curls and add shine.

Alternatively, you can also use a styling cream on hair with wet hands: the mixture of the product and the water guarantees that curls stay frizz-free while rejuvenating the curl pattern. Styling cream is fantastic allows curls to hold their form without giving any crunch.

curly hair tips | product cocktailing

4) Include a conditioning treatment into your regimen

When your hair goes via a dry or dull stage, what you don’t want to do is weigh it down with many products. Use your fingertips to spread a styling cream or oil to your ends (wet or dry hair is fine!), giving them extra dampness and bounce.

Most curly hair girls! — find that your curls are looking dried-out or frizzy toward the ends, you should likely include a conditioner into your product cocktail. If your hair is more delicate or you’re looking for light hydration, spritz an easy-to-use conditioning spray all over the hair, concentrating on the ends. 

For extra hydration and definition, smooth a cream-based conditioner onto soaking wet hair, careful to use the “praying hands” method to disrupt the curl pattern. It is one of the best curly hair tips recommended by hairstylist.

curly hair tips | conditioning treatment

5) Try the "pineapple trick" to maintain curls defined overnight

“Pineapple” is a technique in which the hair is loosely gathered at the head’s highest point, usually before bedtime. This protects the curl pattern while allowing your hair to retain natural volume while also controlling excessive bedhead. Take the pony off and give hair a shake when you want to wear it down.

To maintain hair looking even newer between wash days, our professionals advise using a scrunchie for this method to prevent hair breakage and ponytail creasing. And assume you’re not sleeping on a silk pillowcase already. In that case, it’s time to make the switch: These super-smooth pillowcases are confirmed to reduce bedhead by decreasing friction on the hair overnight, which makes hair look elegant and hydrated day after day.

curly hair tips | pineapple trick

6) Refresh curls with a curling iron or wand

It may sound stupid to curl already-curly hair, but when they’ve gotten saggy or wild, it’s a beautiful way to perk them up. “Pick a curling iron that’s about the exact diameter as your curls. “If you think your curls are too close, go up one size to stretch.” If you want tighter curls, pick a smaller-sized barrel.

A curling wand is a beautiful tool to fine-tune naturally curly hair: It allows you to reshape curls precisely where they require some TLC, whether at mid-strand, the root, or the end, without having to roll the whole strand up in the iron. The result is completely defined curls in just a few minutes. 

curly hair tips | curling iron or wand

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