Colour Hair Products

6 Best Natural Colour Hair Products

There are many colour hair products available, but the question is which one best suits you. Nowadays, most products come with harmful chemicals that do not benefit your hair.

Few companies forget why their customer use their product. Their product doesn’t help repair the damage but helps damage the hair.

At Kleoniki Hair, we know the importance of your hair, and our professionals never use a product that damages your hair.

This article explains the different types of colour hair products, including shampoo, conditioner, conditioning spray, save fluid and repair masks.

Colour Hair Products

This shampoo is best for colour hair because it will protect your hair colour. This shampoo helps to maintain colour vibrancy.

Its optimized low pH formula helps close the cuticle after colouration to enable better colour retention, giving the hair an excellent feel.

It is best for dull and dry hair to add shine and lustre to the lifeless hair.

The shampoo provides long-lasting colour protection for up to seven weeks with a radiant look and vibrant hair shine.

Wella INVIGO Invigo Colour Brilliance Shampoo

Colour save shampoo helps to maintain your colour and makes colour long-lasting.

This shampoo is good for hair nourishment and contains a UV filter to protect hair from the sun.

The shampoo prolongs a luminous colour and protects the hair’s keratin structure by reducing free radicals present in tap water.

Wella Color Brilliance Vibrant Color Conditioner is a deep conditioner that improves hair surface and colour vitality.

This conditioner is for fine to normal hair that is damaged and lacking lustre, and it provides a touch of shine to the hair.

The improved low pH formula helps in the closure of the cuticle after colouration, allowing the colour to last longer.

Copper, histidine, vitamin E, and lime caviar are among the substances that help preserve colour vibrancy and protect coloured hair.

Wella INVIGO Colour Brilliance Conditioner

This is the best product for detangling and protecting colour. It is easy to use because it is in spray form.

This conditioner is best for protecting hair protein and reducing frizz.

Colour Save Bi-phase Conditioning Spray has ingredients that help prevent colour fadness, freshness, and colour shifting.

If you want to buy this product, kleoniki hair offers the best price; check it out.

System Professional Colour Save Bi-Phase Conditioning Spray

The final colour care fluid locks in colour for a gorgeous shine and healthy-looking hair.

The Fibrachrome Complex is an advanced technology that actively improves colour longevity and freshness.

The creamy substance melts into the hair, improving combability and a smooth feel. It provides a long-lasting colour brightness that protects hair.

Repair Mask is an intensive treatment for dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair that strengthens and repairs it.

A unique blend of nourishing, reparative, and protecting substances has been used to create this formula. Damaged hair is restored using Repair Mask, which also helps to prevent future damage.

This mask is best for colour hair; it helps maintain visible healthy hair and reduces breaking.

System Professional Repair Mask

If you are looking for a variety of colour hair products, visit us today. If you want the best hair colour, book your appointment, we have Australia’s best hairdressers.

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