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How to Create Brown Ombre Hair

What is Brown Ombre Hair? It’s a hair lightening method that sees hair from darker at the roots to lighter at the edges. The goal is to guarantee so the shift in tone seems soft and seamless. To do this, you should try to work with colours no more than three levels apart on the lightning scale.

How to Create Brown Ombre Hair

Shade the Roots

If you’re going with a natural brunette base, you must first choose what to do with the root area. Do you want to keep your existing shade, or would you like to add a root shadow? When the latter is true, think about what colour product is best suited to their requirements. We suggest Color Touch for a semi-permanent tint, Color Fresh for a semi-permanent hue, and Koleston Perfect for permanent colour that can also reach grey coverage.

Lighten Mid-lengths and Ends

Then lighten the mid-lengths and edges of the hair so those ombre colours stand out. You’re trying for a lift that’s no more than three levels lighter than the roots. Try Blondor Freelights for this level, or see Blondorplex for a lightener that adds locks. You can use this step while the root shadow is on, but assure the two formulas don’t touch.

Tone to the Perfect Shade

Once you’ve washed out the root shadow and hair lightener, tone the hair to your dream brunette shade; also, this should be lighter than the root colour, in line with the level of lift you’ve reached. You can combine one or two formulas here. If you use two, apply the medium shade for the middle of the hair, then stroke the lightest shade through the ends to get that gentle graduation.

How to Ombre Hair at Home

Discover Your Roots

For perfect ombre at home results, you’ll want to maintain the colour of your roots as close as feasible to either your natural or current colour. With that method, you won’t have to touch up your colour as frequently, making your life a little more comfortable. Do you also require to cover up greys? If so, start by choosing your right shade of Permanent Color.

Gloss Over It

The Ombre look means darker roots with lighter ends- brown to blonde, dark brown to golden brown, deep auburn to reddish gold, etc. At home, you won’t be adding permanent colour to the lower, lighter portion. Rather, refresh your ends with a gloss, glaze, or toner. Pick a shade that complements and improves your current colour.

Divide & Conquer

Pick one section and apply permanent colour to roots only, making sure to saturate your roots with colour thoroughly. Be sure to stop colouring about an inch apart from where your hair begins to lighten. Then, utilise a wide-tooth comb to draw the colour below – this produces a well-blended look. Proceed to the next section until the top part of your hair has been completely soaked with colour. If you have grey hair, you’ll want to go back and add extra colour to those areas.

Lighten Up

Now you’re ready to tone the edge of your hair. Start to use gloss start from where the permanent colour finishes, fully soaking your hair, continuing down to your ends. For even more variety, use two various shades of gloss. Be sure to use the lightest colour on the very tips of your strands to strengthen the Ombre effect.

How to Maintain Brown Ombre Hair

The last thing you want is for brown Ombre works to fade or turn brassy, which is why it’s necessary to fill you with the best aftercare tips. ‘

First, shampoo: a colour-kind formula is a must for keeping brunette hues, and Colour Save Shampoo is a need for every hair colour. Suggest you combine it with the Colour save conditioner, which gives hydration help and enhances shine.

Then, suggest the Colour save mask as a weekly treat. This 10-minute treatment refreshes salon colour in between appointments.
Caramel Glaze is excellent for improving rich brown Ombre shades, while Chocolate Touch is perfect for deeper browns that require a pick-me-up.

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