how to lighten dark hair

3 Ways How To Lighten Dark Hair


Whenever your considering going from dark to light hair its recommended that Wella Plex is used in the colour process because it helps rebuild  damaged hair and also prevents your hair to be further compromised.


Step 1: (In Salon) The Wella Plex bond maker helps you to reduce damaged hair by creating bonds in the hair during the colouring or lightening process. By mixing it with hair lightener or colour this enables an optimal lift and penetration of the dye molecules. There is no need to change peroxide or development time using Wella Plex bond maker and can also be used with all lightening services. When colouring your damaged or sensitized hair, using this bond maker will produce perfect colour and lift development.


Step 2: ( In Salon) After performing chemical treatments such as lightening or colouring hair you can use Wella Plex bond stabilizer. It further strengthens the hair structure and rebalances the pH level with the Opti pH system. When colouring your damaged or sensitized hair using this bond stabilizer, will contribute to perfect colour and lift development to your hair. Using approximately the same amount of bond stabilizer and bond maker will bring fresh, healthy results.


Step 3: (Home Care) Wella Plex hair stabilizer is created to fully reap the benefits of the salon services. After performing the above two steps use this treatment once a week at home for roughly 10 minutes to keep your hair strong, soft and smooth.

how to lighten dark hair


how to lighten dark hair


how to lighten dark hair expert solution's from Kleoniki Hair?

Kleoniki Hair is an all Wella Salon based in Hampton with highly skilled colourists and stylists. Our Wella Master Colour Expert along with the salon team recommend Wella Plex as the results and products are of a high standard and clients always leave feeling fresh, healthy and relaxed. If you would like to book a consultation or have any enquiries please feel free to contact us on 03 95984820 or contact us. Also read our latest blog on best wella shampoos for damaged hair.

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