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3 easy steps for blow drying hair

Get out the door on time: How to Blow dry hairs faster and better. No matter your hairs are straight or curley. Follow these steps and you can easily blow dry you hair.

To Blow-Dry Straight Hair

Get the Tools

•​ The right dryer: Look for at least multiple heat and air settings. Medium heat is best for predrying hair. High heat manipulates your hair’s shape, and air sets a style.
• Nozzle: It is key to a smooth look and keeps hair from getting too close to the heat.
• Round brush: Straighten strands, make ends flip, or create waves with this tool. Time-saving tip: The bigger the surface area of a brush, the faster the drying time. Brushes with vents also shave off minutes.
• Hair clip: It keeps layers separate and easy to prevent
damage caused by overdrying sections.

Pick Your Products:

If you want to add thickness, distribute Foam through damp strands first.
• Hair Spray
To add lift and set hair, use Anti-Humidity Hair Spray on almost-dry roots and all over after drying.
• Cream
To smooth and soften dry or damaged hair, apply Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream, before and after styling.


Blow dry hairs (Straight Hair) Step 1: Predry and Section

•​ After toweling off wet hair, set your dryer on medium heat and high air speed. Blow hair until it’s 80 percent dry.
•​ Gather the hair on top of your crown and secure it with a clip. Begin drying the lower layers with a brush, using more heat. Point the dryer’s nozzle downward to help smooth hair and create shine.

Step 2: Dry Top Layers

•​ Remove the clip and use it to hold the now-dry lower layers back and away. Twist and clip them into a bun to add waves, or secure like a very loose, low ponytail for a straighter look.
•​ Blow-dry the top section. Aim at the roots to add volume, then work toward the ends, using the brush to pull hair forward and out.

Step 3: Shape Ends and Finish

•​ Remove the clip. Flip all hair back. Part and dry hair around the forehead.
•​ To curl ends, roll them under with a round brush, blast with heat, and set with cold air. For a straight finish, pull the brush through while drying ends with warm air; set with cold air. Apply styling cream to tamp down flyaways, or mist with hair spray.

To Blow-Dry Curly Hair

Get the Tools:

•​ The right dryer: Don’t distort curls with too much power. Curls don’t call for a high temperature, either. Stick with the low and medium settings for temperature and air.
• Diffuser: This is the crucial component for creating soft, fuzz-free curls. Look for a design that’s concave in the middle. This allows curls to rest inside and take a natural shape.

Layer Your Products:

•​ Conditioner
First apply a creamy leave-in conditioner to keep moisture in strands as you dry them.
• Gel
Next, use a gel to define curls and help set them in place. A gel also prevents frizz.
• Finisher
After drying, use serum to hydrate ends and add shine and hold.

Blow dry hairs (Curly Hair) Step 1: Apply Leave-in and Gel

•​ After applying a leave-in conditioner through wet strands, flip most of your hair to one side. With your fingers, work the gel into four manageable sections, from roots down to tips, evenly distributing it around your head. Finally, hold the ends, shake your hands from side to side, then release to allow curls to spring back up to the roots.

Step 2: Diffuse at the Roots

•​ Set your dryer to low or medium heat with medium speed.
•​ Place the diffuser right at the roots, starting at the nape of your neck. Gently hold ends away from the dryer, letting them dry naturally. Move the diffuser around until all roots are dry.

Step 3: Smooth and Finish

•​ Put a pea-size drop of pomade on your palm and rub your hands together.
•​ Grasp your hair in front, as if you were sweeping it into a ponytail, and run your hands from the hairline to the ends. Then let the curls go. This will help break up any gel crunchiness. Massage your scalp at the roots to add fullness.

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